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     My dreams as a kid growning up included having my own recording studio, complete with instruments and an 8 track recorder. My studio is comprized of an ASUS Supercomputer and one Jackson/Charvel (ex-basketcased) guitar. While my elaborate dreams have fallen a bit short, I am able to exceed my wildest expectations with this studio, with unlimited track capabilities and rendering audio with software that I could have never imagined. In the early 90's I distributed an IRC script to automate chat channels, here is a vintage screenshot from that era:


      TheWrit is a solo/concept project created by the author to pay tribute to his favorite band, Black Sabbath. Born in 1963, I began recording select Sabbath tunes in October of 2011, after a very long absense from playing (some 20 years) and discovering that there was virtually no other bands (or solo artists) that were covering this legendary group. All the "cover" bands expierenced by this author always seemed to fade off and do their own "unique" thing when it comes to the leads, which is very annoying and compelled me to embark on such an ambitious venture.



Solo Black Sabbath Artist; It began in a Sleeping Village, I wound up like most folks Killing Yourself to Live. Over time life developed into a Cornucopia, where I became caught up in the Thrill of it All! Suddenly, the Wheels of Confusion reared they're ugly heads introducing me to a Wicked World. I found myself Behind the Wall of Sleep.




SoundClick.com Music Charts:

Killing Yourself to Live (Black Sabbath Tribute)
# 262 in Rock (highest position was 151). Total songs: 237,905
# 12 in Cover Songs (highest position was 8). Total songs: 12,075

Behind the Wall of Sleep (Black Sabbath Tribute)
# 333 in Rock. Total songs: 237,905
# 21 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,075

Cornucopia (Black Sabbath Tribute)
# 230 in Rock. Total songs: 237,905
# 7 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,075

Sleeping Village (Black Sabbath Tribute)
# 350 in Rock. Total songs: 237,905
# 27 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,075

TheWrit (Black Sabbath Tribute)
# 26 in Rock. Total songs: 237,905
# 2 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,075

Wheels of Confusion (Black Sabbath Tribute)
# 254 in Rock. Total songs: 237,905
# 17 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,075

Wicked World (A Bit of Finger- Sabbath Tribute)
# 269 in Rock. Total songs: 237,905
# 17 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,075

Home Recording Studio



     TheWrit is a solo project where I play all of the instruments, sing all of the vocals, and mix/render all of the tracks to my favorite Black Sabbath songs. Thewrit - Killing Yourself to Live - Single
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“When the power of love
overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.” –
Jimi Hendrix